Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Creative Moments

Hey all!
Sharing with you a brand new challenge blog, Creative Moments Bloggers Network.
The first challenge has started today, the theme is anything goes* There will be lots of great prizes up for grabs throughout the challenges so definately worth a look and hopefully youll decide to join in with the fun.
The first challenge is being sponsored by myself CDeeDesigns and The Doodle Garden.
There is a fantastic DT, all of there projects are up to get you inspired to take part!
Heres mine:

Monday, 1 October 2012

Mega Candy

Have to share this amazing mega candy up for grabs!

Go and check it out for a chance to win all of this ^^^^^^^^^^


Thank you for taking part :)
The winner was chosen by which is Krafty Karen!
Well done, just take a look in the Shop to pick the 2 digis youd like (not including the RSPCA ones) and let me know at so i can get them sent to you.
Hope your all doing well today, been a bit busy for me had to go food shopping *oh the joys* haha atleast the house is a bit more full of yummy food.
Its just me and the animals this week as the boyfriend is working away now and i actually am missing him already, but on the plus side the house will look lovely and clean for a week!
Got the best friend staying for a little while though, so wont be alone all the time which is good. Shes staying the the not even half finished guest room, theres a bed in there..a rug..just bare floorboards, curtains and some paint and bits of wood lol we will get it sorted soon hopefully..xox

Saturday, 29 September 2012


Hey everyone!
So i have been thinking, i absolutely love animals <3 .
All of my life i have always had pets and been around animals, i couldnt imagine a life without such wonderful creatures! And i definately couldnt imagine why anyone would want to cause harm to them, we all know it happens and its horrendous that it is happening!
So i have come up with a way to raise a little extra money for the RSPCA "The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals" Please go and check the page out to see what amazing things they are doing to help.

I have drawn up two digis, which are now both in the shop shop I will be selling them for a little more than my others as i will be donating half the money i get on each one to the RSPCA! I really hope you will go and check them out and hopefully join me on supporting the animals and their welfare plus you get a lovely digi to use whilst helping a good cause.

Here they are:

Some very quick colourings


Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Hey :)
I have been working on some more digis and theres now 6 available in the shop please go over and have a look!
A few that have been released include Bella Butterfly, Elf Erin and Arwen, definately worth checking out.
Love to know what you think aswel <3
Dont forget to take part in the lil competition down below for a chance to win Pumpkin Patty and another digi of your choice.
Hope your all having a lovely evening, its time for me to go and cook some dinner as i got carried away with sorting the digis out for you guys :) ..xox

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Your chance to win..

Hey all :)

If you have read my other post youll know ive not been feeling too well the last few days :( and with this weather it hasnt been helping me much, so i thought lets have a lil comp to help cheer us all up from the rain. Well its not much of a competition haha, all i ask is for you to share this post around and help spread the word of CDeeDesigns <3 Also check out the facebook group!/groups/157971530993219/ thats if you havnt already of course :) Ive also been working on a few more new digis that will be in the shop next week hopefully so keep an eye out!

Up for Grabs

Pumpkin Patty
And another digi of your choice..Check the rest out here

Monday, 24 September 2012

Little Update

Hey :)
Been a little busy this weekend and enjoyed some time with my boyfriend, seeing as hes working away mon-fri now haha least that means less mess for me to be cleaning up. Got my little man his new collar and name tag bless him, he wasnt too keen at first and i ended up finding it on the stairs, but hes loving it now <3
What miserable weather it is today all its done is rain rain and rain. Feeling a bit under the weather myself but hopefully ill be up to drawing up some more digis to hear if you have any suggestions, please just leave a comment below. Hope your all feeling alot better than me and the weather isnt getting to you :)
Im also going to be setting up a CDeeDesigns Challenge Blog, which will have different themes and lovely prizes along the way. So keep an eye out! ..xox

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New Additions

Morning all :)
Please go check out Scarlett, Lexi and Chloe.. The new additions to the shop!
Love to know what you think.


Sunday, 16 September 2012

Newbies In The Shop

Hey :)
I've popped three new digis in the shop tonight, love to hear your feedback!..xox




Little Princess Card

Evening All :)
Firstly i hope you've all had a lovely weekend, had a little bit of sunshine here which makes a change haha. I've been busy inking up some new digis for the shop, which will be up either tonight or tomorrow for you to check out..hopefully you'll like them! 

I also managed to get crafty and make a card using Brooke :) Love to know what you think of it..xox

DT Members

Hey Everyone :)
I am very excited to announce four people to the CDeeDesigns DT, cannot wait to see what they come up with for the themes i'm planning. 

Please go and check out their awesome blogs :) 

Friday, 14 September 2012

In The Shop

Hey all :)
There are "NEW" digis in the shop, please head over and take a look ..Some include Zombie Zara, Pumpkin Patty and Sewn Up Sally lol definately worth a look :) ..xox


Morning :)
So last night i was planning to do a whole set of images based on Halloween, however i got side tracked..oops! I thought oh Halloween costumes, what could i do? so i came up with a pumpkin costume and to be honest got lost from there..went on to a devil, cat-woman and then a pirate girl lol. Id love to know what you all think??..xox

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I'm Still Learning

As the title says, i am still learning/practicing to make cards :)

Decided to have a go with the image Jasmine and this is what i have come up with..not great but i am getting better believe it or not haha..

New In The Shop

Hey everyone :) 
There is some brand new digital stamps in the shop now..go check them out i hope you like them! I had so much fun creating these.
Here are a couple..

Mad Hatter

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Work In Progress

Hey :)
So i have been influenced by some Disney movies again and these are some snippets to show what iv'e been working on..Can you guess what movies inspired me?? Also love to know what you think of them so far..xox


A day to remember all the lives lost and show our respect to their friends and families. R.I.P Plus a huge thank you to all the people that helped save lives..xox

Monday, 10 September 2012

About Me, My Life And Blog

Hey, firstly thank you so much for stopping by my blog :)

I'm Chrissie..

This is my lovely boyfriend Stu

We live with our little babies "as in our pets" 

Mr Frazzles



So a bit about me, i love to be creative and really enjoy drawing or making things..its something that keeps me quiet, so Stu definitely doesn't complain about that. I'm quite a shy person, i like to get to know people more before i come out of my shell. I like spending time with my family and friends, going out to different places and experiencing new things. I have one of the most amazing mums who has always been there for me, i have a little sister Grace with 14 years between us.

I met Stu about 4 years ago, we used to work in the same place and hit it off from there really. We have been together 3 years, got a house together last May so still sorting this and that out :) another thing to keep us busy. I love him too bits <3. 

As you can tell i love animals and i would have many more if i could. Frazzles is our 11month old giant continental rabbit, we decided to get him because i was after a dog but Stu didn't want to have one, so we compromised with a rabbit never the less hes like a dog, hes still got a lot of growing left yet. Hes a giant ball of fluff, so loving and dopey. 

Rosie wasn't a planned pet as she was a stray near the hotel i used to work at, everyday for about 2 weeks she was wandering on the premises crying and definitely looking worse for wear, so that was it i couldn't see her starving and like that anymore and took her. I went to the vets to check her over, i asked around loads to find her real owners and nothing so i kept her :) Shes estimated to be about 5 years old. Stu wasn't exactly pleased but hes warmed to her now, shes so loyal following me about and she doesn't stray from the back garden. She is particially blind in one eye but that doesn't stop her from playing. 

Sheldon is our newest member, a little kitten. A woman couldn't have him anymore because her son was severely allergic to him so i asked Stu if we could go get him, the only reason he agreed is because he wanted to name him hence the name Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory :) . Hes extremely playful, like most kittens and loves to take a dip in the bath whilst were in it.

I have decided to set up a blog for my little business .
A digital stamp company to share some of my artwork with you all, i hope that you find something you like and enjoy using them as much as i do creating them :) Id love to hear any feedback from you all by leaving a comment or getting in touch. The blog will be showcasing new CDeeDesigns digital stamps, random blogs from me to let you see what i get up to, competitions/freebies or links to competitions/freebies on the Facebook group just click join :) 

Thank you again for taking the time to stop by my blog and have fun browsing <3 ..xox