Monday, 24 September 2012

Little Update

Hey :)
Been a little busy this weekend and enjoyed some time with my boyfriend, seeing as hes working away mon-fri now haha least that means less mess for me to be cleaning up. Got my little man his new collar and name tag bless him, he wasnt too keen at first and i ended up finding it on the stairs, but hes loving it now <3
What miserable weather it is today all its done is rain rain and rain. Feeling a bit under the weather myself but hopefully ill be up to drawing up some more digis to hear if you have any suggestions, please just leave a comment below. Hope your all feeling alot better than me and the weather isnt getting to you :)
Im also going to be setting up a CDeeDesigns Challenge Blog, which will have different themes and lovely prizes along the way. So keep an eye out! ..xox

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