Monday 10 September 2012

About Me, My Life And Blog

Hey, firstly thank you so much for stopping by my blog :)

I'm Chrissie..

This is my lovely boyfriend Stu

We live with our little babies "as in our pets" 

Mr Frazzles



So a bit about me, i love to be creative and really enjoy drawing or making things..its something that keeps me quiet, so Stu definitely doesn't complain about that. I'm quite a shy person, i like to get to know people more before i come out of my shell. I like spending time with my family and friends, going out to different places and experiencing new things. I have one of the most amazing mums who has always been there for me, i have a little sister Grace with 14 years between us.

I met Stu about 4 years ago, we used to work in the same place and hit it off from there really. We have been together 3 years, got a house together last May so still sorting this and that out :) another thing to keep us busy. I love him too bits <3. 

As you can tell i love animals and i would have many more if i could. Frazzles is our 11month old giant continental rabbit, we decided to get him because i was after a dog but Stu didn't want to have one, so we compromised with a rabbit never the less hes like a dog, hes still got a lot of growing left yet. Hes a giant ball of fluff, so loving and dopey. 

Rosie wasn't a planned pet as she was a stray near the hotel i used to work at, everyday for about 2 weeks she was wandering on the premises crying and definitely looking worse for wear, so that was it i couldn't see her starving and like that anymore and took her. I went to the vets to check her over, i asked around loads to find her real owners and nothing so i kept her :) Shes estimated to be about 5 years old. Stu wasn't exactly pleased but hes warmed to her now, shes so loyal following me about and she doesn't stray from the back garden. She is particially blind in one eye but that doesn't stop her from playing. 

Sheldon is our newest member, a little kitten. A woman couldn't have him anymore because her son was severely allergic to him so i asked Stu if we could go get him, the only reason he agreed is because he wanted to name him hence the name Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory :) . Hes extremely playful, like most kittens and loves to take a dip in the bath whilst were in it.

I have decided to set up a blog for my little business .
A digital stamp company to share some of my artwork with you all, i hope that you find something you like and enjoy using them as much as i do creating them :) Id love to hear any feedback from you all by leaving a comment or getting in touch. The blog will be showcasing new CDeeDesigns digital stamps, random blogs from me to let you see what i get up to, competitions/freebies or links to competitions/freebies on the Facebook group just click join :) 

Thank you again for taking the time to stop by my blog and have fun browsing <3 ..xox


  1. Hi,very nice to "meet" you & your family!!! Welcome to Blog Land :o) x

  2. love it...
    cannot wait to see more examples of the work you do!
    Debbi x

  3. Welcome to blogland Chrissie, love the photo`s and your digi images. I do my own too. 2 chrissies together lol. Looking forward to seeing your creations. Chris xx

    1. Thank you Chris :) oooh do you ill have to check them out theres never enough Chrissies in the world..xox

  4. Nice to meet you Chrissie, hope to get to know you well on Crafty Bloggers Network! :-) Elaine-xxx-

    1. Thank you for following :) i hope to get to know you more too..xox